Below the Fold offers several options for training in Design Thinking.

In addition to executive and staff workshops, we recommend deeper, multi-session courses that allow teams to take a problem or opportunity and follow the Design Thinking process to bring ideas to reality. Real-world experience has value beyond workshop learning. It adds practical skills and innovation capacity within the organization and creates in-house experts.  

Great companies tell great stories. Your team’s reputation as an innovation leader will come from the success of pilots from its creative leaders. We are very excited to help your business build innovation capacity and propagate practical Design Thinking experience. Here are a few example project briefs.



Objective - Provide a high-level introduction to Design Thinking for Director-level members.

Format - We facilitate a single workshop (2.5 to 3-hours) for up to 40 people. The workshop provides an overview of Design Thinking philosophies, methods, case studies, an introduction to Equity-Centered Design, and several hands-on exercises to bring the methods and practices to life. Participants leave with worksheet materials and method cards to guide further study and Design Thinking practice. When all-staff training is desired, multiple sessions may be required.

Design thinking innovation academy


Objective - Provide practical experience with Design Thinking, find initial wins and fast failures, and build innovation capacity within an organization.  

Format - Working with multiple teams of two to four people, we convene six sessions over approximately six months. Teams work through real-world challenges or opportunities and use the Design Thinking process to develop an understanding of key stakeholders, generate ideas and prototype solutions. We provide guidance and direction during the work sessions for each step in the process and the teams work to support one another and facilitate cross-functional learning. Below the Fold is available for supplemental consulting via email and chat during the process to help facilitate team projects. The academy concludes with a “demo day” where teams present projects and findings. Work is compiled in a design report with recommendations for future project piloting.

Key phases

  • Strategize with leadership

  • Competition for best ideas/teams

  • Incubation follows Design Thinking

  • Piloting

  • Demo Day

  • Optimize operations

  • Fund ongoing efforts



Objective - Incubate new strategies and ideas to solve problems and elevate engagement. We develop these projects in collaboration with our partners and clients. Typically, Below the Fold embeds with a core innovation team during this period.