• Jennifer Hack

Ineffective meetings? Here’s a better way.

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

“So, Jenn, what is it you do?”

“I’m an innovation consultant.”

“I have my own business.”

“I help Kansas City small businesses solve problems.”

“I facilitate design thinking work sessions.”

I’ve tried out a lot of answers in my first few months as an entrepreneur, but mostly, that question prompted my live reenactment of the grimace face emoji.

As it turns out, my best answer to that job question would come from one of my customers.

A subcommittee for a civic organization had been convened to attack the ultimate Big Hairy Audacious Goal. They had been meeting for months when I was called in.

“We have a really great team, but sometimes it’s hard getting us coalesced around a single vision,” I was told during the initial consultation.

“We have great ideas but we can’t get momentum going,” another colleague chimed in. “We deal with a lot of day-to-day admin so the squeaky wheels tend to get all of our attention. It’s hard to take on anything innovative.”

The solution? A Below the Fold two-hour work session custom built to the team’s precise problem space.

Did they meet their BHAG in two hours? Nope. But after an orientation to design thinking, they had a fresh process for facing challenges with the whole team on board and action steps in place.

“It was by far the most productive two hour meeting that group has ever had,” the client emailed me.

Now, I have a new answer to that, “What do you do?” question.

I create the most productive meeting you’ve ever had.

Do you want your meetings to boost creativity and solve problems? We'd love to hear from you. Email jennifer@belowthefoldkc.com.

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